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be my number one.

Author: Hugs_and_Kisses
Length: 507w (short drabble)
Summary: Maybe being together wasn’t so bad.

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your blog name is so perfect rn omg

oh god I know (*ノ▽ノ) I’m so silly I can’t stop laughing everytime I see the name somewhere lmao

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Pls subaek where their group of friends are all getting engaged while the two of them been dating for more than an year & like suho feels sad. So baek has to cheer up his lover with some kind of comforting ~ :3 ♡


Angst, I assumed? ^^



He sees Junmyeon fiddles with his fingers. “What happens i-if we got married? And I k-know we talked about this before, but I am curious what are your true thoughts about it?” Junmyeon’s nervous expression makes him gnaw on his bottom lips.

”.. I don’t know, I never really give it any thought on that topic,” Why? Are you jealous because everyone around us is getting engaged?


"Yeah, ohh," he teased, his hand is lingering on his lover’s shoulders, strumming a light pattern until he reaches Junmyeon’s fingers, as the latter looks down to his feet.

"Hey," he says, after a while of silence.

"What?" Junmyeon leans on him, their knees touching. Both of their heads kinda fitting into one. Baekhyun resisting the urge to ask him, ‘How about this, since you’re the one with the money. We’ll buy it and I’ll be proposing to you?’ the sigh coming out of Junmyeon’s mouth, makes him wondered if the other was feeling left out.

For the past week, they been receiving a lot of wedding invitations including their family members. Which was strange, but let’s be honest. What the fuck.

"It might sound desperate, but wanna go to Las Vegas? I hear-"

"You hate it that you’re the only one with no ring around your finger right?" Baekhyun’s question made him freeze at the spot, as he stared at his boyfriend with a blank stare.

"I .. I don’t know what you’re ta-"

"I’m right aren’t I? You’re sad, because we’re the leftover of our group of friends with no plans for our future. Especially the fact we’re in our last year of college." He reaches out and Junmyeon scoots closer, their noses bumping in the process. "You don’t have to hide it, I can already tell just by the way you look in envy at those cards. It’s not that difficult from the smallest actions you do," his hand lying on top of the older boy’s who quietly sniffles.

"It’s u-unfair, because we been together for nearly four years, yet why are we the last ones to become a newly wed couple?" accepting the kiss from Baekhyun, as he runs his fingers through his hair.

"Shh, it’s okay, we’ll get our chance,"